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God Eater 3 Guide: How To Unlock Burst Control Units

Everything you need to know about Burst Control Units and how to get them.

by Jelani James


Entering and maintaining Burst is an essential part of God Eater 3; but if you want to use it to its fullest, then you’ll need to make use of Burst Control Units.

What Are Burst Control Units?

Burst Control Units are one of the many means you have to strengthen your character. In this case, they’ll provide unique benefits such as enhancing the properties of certain techniques, reducing the resource cost of certain actions or even adding properties to certain attacks depending on your current Burst level.

Many are quite useful and they’ll allow you to adopt a playstyle that is uniquely your own, but the catch is that you have to be in Burst for them to have any effect so keep that in mind.

I’m Sold. So How Can I get Them?

The process for obtaining Burst Control Units is the same as with costumes: first you get the respective blueprint and then you craft it. In fact, everything down to the very details are the same so you can follow everything down to the letter with costumes or vice-versa and it will be applicable to the other.

To get blueprints:

  • Mission Rewards
  • Vagrant Merchant Hope

There will occasionally be a mission that provides blueprints for a Burst Control Unit, but you won’t know whether it does so in advance, so it’s in your best interest to do them all.

These are relatively low in number, though. For the rest, you’ll have to rely on Vagrant Merchant Hope.


Vagrant Merchant Hope is a travelling merchant who visits the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum every three or four missions to sell “a number of odd and unique items.” To find her, wait until a notice reading “Vagrant Merchant Hope Visiting” appears in the upper right corner, and once it does, simply head to the right-most door on the Bridge (if you’re looking down where the terminals are) and she’ll be there right next to the other merchant, Faith, in the Lobby.

*Note: her inventory will update as you progress through the story so be sure to check for Burst Control Unit blueprints — as well as blueprints for additional costumes — whenever she is available.*

Burst Control Unit List

Here’s a list of each Burst Control Unit and their effect:

CMB 22mm (Combo Master):

  • Increases attack power of melee attacks level 2 and higher by 1%, up to 5%

AIR 20mm (Raw Courage):

  • Increases melee attack while midair according to level

FRM 18mm (Nine Lives):

  • Resist killing blows when HP is above 50%

PRP 16mm (Intervention):

  • Resist killing blows while guarding

KBD 14mm (Absorber):

  • Reduces knockback when receiving damage

STP 16mm (Instinct Step):

  • Increases step speed and distance while decreasing stamina cost according to level

TRN 16mm (Shift Change):

  • Increases melee and gun transformation speed according to level

ATH 22mm (Torque):

  • Reduces stamina cost of actions according to level

BRT 13mm (Deep Breath):

  • Increases stamina recovery while short of breath according to level

GRD 16mm (Furious Shield):

  • Reduces stamina cost while guarding according to level

TDR 18mm (Clear Mind):

  • Prevents all debuffs other than Corruption

LBR 16mm (Single Column):

  • Increases maximum Link Burst Rounds

LBR 18mm (Double Column):

  • Increases maximum Link Burst Rounds

LBR 20mm (Triple Column):

  • Increases maximum Link Burst Rounds

SBD 19mm (Vile Jaw):

  • Increases chances to inflict debuffs with a Short Blade according to level

SBS 20mm (Apsara):

  • Nullifies the stamina cost of the first air step off the ground

LBO 19mm (Shockwave):

  • Reduces Impulse Edge OP cost according to level

LBS 20mm (Flawlessness):

  • Increases Zero Stance stamina recovery according to level

BBC 19mm (Rapid Charge):

  • Increases Charge Crush charge speed according to level

BBS 20mm (Cool Head):

  • Reduces stamina cost of Buster Blade special actions according to level

BHS 19mm (Screw Gear):

  • Reduces stamina cost of Boost actions according to level

BHO 20mm (Thor’s Hammer):

  • (Successful Burst Impact attacks restore OP according to level)

CSC 19mm (X Charge):

  • Increases Charge Glide charge speed according to level

CST 20mm (Endless):

  • Increases maximum Fang Deployment duration according to level

VSS 19mm (Requiem):

  • Reduces stamina cost while in Extend Bite mode according to level

VSO 20mm (Brandish):

  • Successful Cleave Fang attacks restore OP according to level

BES 19mm (Terpischore):

  • Reduces stamina cost while in glaive form according to level

BET 20mm (Transform):

  • Restores stamina according to level when switching to or from glaive form

HMS 19mm (Moonlight):

  • Decreases attacks needed for Moon Storm to reach max speed, according to level

HMC 20mm (Lonely Moon):

  • Increases Raging Moon charge speed according to level

ASO 19mm (Oracle Cartridge):

  • Increases OP recovery when landing consecutive shots with an Assault Gun

ASD 20mm (Backfire):

  • Reduces OP cost according to level while in Drawback Shot

SNS 20mm (Peek-a-boo):

  • Increases gun attack while in Stealth Field according to level

SNC 19mm (Concentration):

  • Increases ranged attack according to level when hitting a weak point with a Sniper Gun

SGM 20mm (Onslaught):

  • Increases ranged attack according to level when firing buckshot bullets with a Shotgun

SGO 19mm (Bullet Storm):

  • Reduces OP cost according to level when firing buckshot bullets with a Shotgun

RGO 20mm (Voltage):

  • Reduces Overdrive cooldown according to level

RGR 19mm (Powerplant):

  • Increases Oracle Reserve conversion rate

- This article was updated on:February 8th, 2019

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