Grounded – How to Get Woven Fiber

This important resource is very easy to get.

by Diego Perez
Grounded Woven Fiber

Woven Fiber is an incredibly important early game resource in Grounded, and you’ll need to become familiar with it if you’re going to survive in the backyard. All sorts of crafting recipes require Woven Fiber, including most of the tools that you’ll use during the first few hours of the game. Grounded’s crafting and gathering systems can be a bit obtuse when you’re first starting out, but once you learn how to analyze items and learn new crafting recipes, things get a lot easier. This is how to get Woven Fiber in Grounded.

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How to Get Woven Fiber in Grounded

The first step in getting Woven Fiber is to find some Plant Fiber. Plant Fiber can be obtained by harvesting the small plants that are all over the ground. Once you acquire some Plant Fiber, take it to the Analyzer, which you should encounter right after starting a new game in Grounded if you follow the main path. Insert the Plant Fiber into the Analyzer and you’ll learn a bunch of new crafting recipes that utilize it. One of these recipes will be Woven Fiber. Keep in mind the Analyzer only gets three charges initially, so make sure to analyze the Plant Fiber first.

After learning the Woven Fiber recipe, open your inventory and navigate to the Crafting tab. Woven Fiber can be crafted using three Plant Fiber. Thankfully, Plant Fiber is incredibly common in Grounded. Just run around and pay close attention to the ground and you’re bound to come across at least a handful of Plant Fiber. Woven Fiber is used in a ton of Grounded crafting recipes, so it’s a good idea to stock up on it. Important early game tools like the axe and spear require Woven Fiber as well as other materials, so make sure to gather whatever you can during your first few hours with the game.

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