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GTA Online: All 5 Media Stick Locations and How to Use Them

Collect these to unlock new radio songs.

by Diego Perez


Collecting Media Sticks adds songs to the new Media Player radio station in GTA Online. You can pick and choose which Media Sticks to play on the Media Player, so GTA Online technically has its first customizable radio station now. You can’t select songs from other stations like Non-Stop Pop or Los Santos Rock Radio, but you can curate your own playlist from the new songs added in the Los Santos Tuners update. Here’s where to find all the Media Sticks in GTA Online.

GTA Online Circoloco Media Sticks Locations

There are four Circoloco Records Media Sticks to find. You can find three of them in the open world, but you need to own an Arcade and Nightclub to find the other two. Here are all four GTA Online Media Stick locations:

  • Nightclub: On the desk in the office
  • Arcade: At the bar
  • Diamond Casino: On a table on the roof by the jacuzzi
  • LS Car Meet: On a red workbench in the modding area

After obtaining all four of these, you’ll also get a bonus mix called CLR Launch Party as an additional reward.

MoodyMann Kenny’s Backyard Boogie Location

The fifth Media Stick features tracks by Moodymann, who was featured in the Cayo Perico Heist update. This Media Stick will not appear unless you have completed the Moodymann request missions from the Cayo Perico Heist update. If you’ve already done them, then a white car with an open truck will appear in the LS Car Meet with a license plate that reads “MOODYMANN.” The Media Stick will be in the trunk.

Collecting the Moodymann Media Stick will unlock a mix called Kenny’s Backyard Boogie. The white car will show up in random parking spots every time you enter the LS Car Meet, but you should be able to find it fairly easily if you look around.

How to Use Media Sticks in GTA Online

Media Sticks can be played on the new Media Player radio station. You can pick and choose which mixes you want to play, technically making this GTA Online’s first customizable radio station.


To choose which mix to play, open the Interaction menu by holding the touchpad on PS4, the View button on Xbox, or the M key on PC. Then, navigate to the Inventory section and you’ll see the Media Player listed at the top. Here, you can cycle through all the mixes you have collected. You can also choose your Radio Station favorites on this page as well, allowing you to customize your radio wheel and remove unwanted stations.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on July 29th, 2021

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