GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Release Time, Pre-Load Details, File Size, and Everything You Need to Know

Welcome back to Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.

by Noah Nelson


The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is really happening. Though it isn’t the long-awaited, coveted GTA 6, a throwback is welcomed. Whether you grew up without a GTA game and were exposed to it with GTA 5 or Online or you want to relive the magic of your youth in high definition, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will make some of the best games in the series accessible to all. Here are the details on the new GTA Trilogy.

First of all, the GTA Trilogy will combine GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas all in one package. Each game will have upgraded graphics fit for the new generation of consoles. The game releases digitally on Nov. 11 through various eshops and will be available physically on Dec. 7. There will be all sorts of new things added besides graphics, like updated aiming, enhanced navigation, and trophies. Without further adieu, here’s every detail you need to know about the GTA Trilogy.

GTA Trilogy Release Time

Like mentioned earlier, the trilogy will release on Nov. 11. The official time of its release will be 7:00 a.m. PT/9:00 a.m. CST/10:00 a.m. ET that same day. So, set your alarm to your specific time zone for the time of your release. That way, you don’t wake up early, eager to play and have to wait another three or four hours until it’s ready.


GTA Trilogy Pre-Load Details

The pre-load for the GTA Trilogy is now live on all platforms, except PC. PC players will have to wait until launch day to download their copy. The games should download right when you purchase them, but if they don’t automatically do that, go to your download library and double-check. Each game within the trilogy will download separately from the others, so you need to download all three if you want to play them all on launch day.

GTA Trilogy File Size

Each game within the trilogy has a different file size, but they are all the same size from console to console. GTA III will need 5.29 GB, GTA: Vice City will need 10.76 GB, and GTA: San Andreas will need 22.67 GB. In total, you will need roughly 45 GB of free space for the GTA Trilogy, which is relatively low for today’s standard.


Will the Trilogy Have Online?

One of the big questions for the trilogy is will there be online? Unfortunately, there will not be an online option for any of the games in the bundle. But, don’t let that deter you from experiencing these three distinct cities with three epic stories. Plus, there is new content coming to GTA Online, so stay tuned for that.

Will the Trilogy be on Game Pass?

Another exciting announcement is whether the trilogy will be on Xbox Game Pass. GTA: San Andreas will be available on day one for Game Pass members, but the other two games will be exclusive to people who purchase the trilogy. With that and Forza Horizon 5 coming to Game Pass, there is a lot to bing this weekend.

That concludes everything you need to know about the new trilogy. Have a blast (literally) playing as Claud Speed, Tommy Vercetti, and CJ in this fantastic remake. Stick around for more updates to come on all things GTA.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will be available on Nov. 11, 2021, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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