GTFO December’s Update Patch Notes

This update added some new features, bug fixes, and more.

by Carlos Hurtado

GTFO just received its December update, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. This horror co-op shooter just released a couple of days ago, and fans are excited. The game from having around 2000 players to almost 12000 on its release date. This is one of the first post-launch updates, so expect a lot of changes and fixes from this one. Here’s everything new with the GTFO’s December update.

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GTFO December’s Update Patch Notes


  • Added icon to indicate when there are new Boosters/Apparel.
  • Renamed INVENTORY to APPAREL in the loadout menu.
  • Tweaked light intensities for shooter, big shooter, and hybrid projectiles to not be as overwhelming in dark environments.
  • Improved quality of directional light shadows, most notably in outdoor areas.
  • Added impact effects to shooter, big shooter, and hybrid projectiles to improve their feel.
  • Added progress bar to show when bots are giving players resources.
  • Tweaked the appearance of fog near the camera (brightness and opacity). This improves visibility outside of thick fog across the whole game.
  • Slightly reduced fog forward scattering. This makes looking directly at lights in fog slightly less bright.
  • Fixed sawed-off shotgun front sight floating in the air weirdly when not aiming.
  • Bots will now prefer to equip melee weapons during sneaking.
  • Bots will now balance better between tagging enemies and fighting.
  • Fixed bug where enemies spawning from the D1 Apex door alarm wave did not spawn where they should have.
  • Fixed D1 sub-objective update that triggered too early and could confuse players with incorrect objective info.
  • Reduced fog density in D3 overall. Mainly in the Secondary sector and after the Overload sector is complete.
  • Fixed name of D2 scan to reflect scan difficulty.
  • Removed scans from D2 blood doors.
  • Removed terminal from D2 Zone 193.
  • Increased speed B2 exit scan.
  • Adjusted enemy wave in D2 for the scan going into Zone 366.
  • Adjusted fog when the Air_Filtration_Startup command has been activated.
  • Fixed missing Warden Intel for when the HSU scan is finished.
  • Fixed an enemy pathing issue in D1 Zone 85.
  • Adjusted lights in D2 Zone 363.


  • Fixed bug where the boss was unintentionally visible from certain areas in C1.
  • Fixed bug impacting C2 where restarting from checkpoint would not reset requirement for HiSec Crate.
  • Fixed exception where you could not use communication menu to instruct humans to carry objective items.
  • Fixed bug where “grab the item” command was unavailable for client players.
  • Fixed exception causing the mine deployer icon sometimes not showing.
  • Fixed bug where the communication menu commands “deploy sentry gun/trip mine” was not working.
  • Fixed bug where the boss rage glow was not working on clients.
  • Fixed bug where enemies from the trickle were spawning from the front instead of the elevator.
  • Fixed bug where boss weak spots were showing for clients during situations when they shouldn’t be shown.
  • Fixed boss movement speed.
  • Fixed bug where having the map open for a while can lead to slowness or the game crashing.
  • Fixed various exceptions, leading to improve game stability.
  • Fixed bug where bots were not picking up resources and consumables when they should. If you’re more than 4 meters from the box then they will grab items.
  • Fixed bug where bots were not inheriting items from human players when they should be.
  • Fixed bug where bots were not positioning themselves optimal by “follow” action.
  • Fixed bug where bots sometimes dropped expedition items at inaccessible places.
  • Fixed bug where bots were miscalculating c-foam gun ammo usage.
  • Fixed bug where bots were running while carrying items that forbid running.
  • Fixed bug where joining a game in progress you were unable to see who bots are following.
  • Fixed bug where after checkpoint restore you were unable to tell bots to pack up deployed tools.
  • Fixed bug where bots were unable to use Fog Repeller Turbine.
  • Fixed bug where bots were not distributing resource packs evenly.
  • Fixed bug where bots were able to pick up consumable trip mines.
  • Fixed bug where bots could not climb certain ladders.
  • Fixed bug where bots walking painfully slow when ordered to grab an expedition item.

This update fixed a lot of bugs, from simple issues like bots not climbing certain ladders to performance issues when using the map for too long. Besides these bug fixes, the developers added more visual features to the game. Now the game has new impact effects, better lighting, and a progress bar to let players know when a bot is giving them resources.

GTFO does not hold players’ hands. This co-op shooter drops players into a terrifying environment with complex tasks, only giving them the information they need. Do not be surprised if you find yourself lost in your first match; player-made guides are going to be a must-have with this ambitious title.

GTFO is available now on PC. For more information regarding this patch go to the official GTFO Twitter page.