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Guilty Gear Strive: How Quickly to Earn Currency

What's the Best Way to Make Money in Guilty Gear Strive?

by Tess Smith


Guilty Gear Stive lets players acquire in-game currency in order to unlock extra items for their lobby avatar, artwork, trailers for the game, and music. This music can be selected to play during matches or simply listened to from the collection, making it a great wait to customize your experience, as are the lobby avatars for those who play online and want to stick out from other players. All of this, however, is unlocked via fishing, which requires in-game currency to do. So, what’s the best way to grind in-game money in Guilty Gear Strive and unlock the music, clothing items, and art?

What’s the best way to get money in Guilty Gear Strive?

The first way to get currency, and the way recommended for new players, is to play through the mission mode. The mission mode in Guilty Gear Strive is an extremely in-depth tutorial with tasks that range from elementary movement-based challenges to more advanced tutorials about how to fight against certain characters or use the roman cancel system effectively. If you do not know how to play Guilty Gear Strive, this is the best way to earn currency because you will also learn how to play in the other modes, making acquiring currency there much easier. You can only get the money for completing each mission once. To figure out which character to learn, you can check out our guide here.

The second way to earn currency is to grind out arcade mode. There is no difficulty select as it scales based on your performance, so this mode is fairly easy to game. By losing a round during every match and not getting perfects, you can keep the difficulty low through the run and blow through the mode. This will net you a fair amount of currency and can be less intimidating than grinding online. You can also play this mode normally to acquire currency, though it may take more time and effort at higher difficulties depending on your skill level. You must complete the run to get the money.

The final way is to play the online mode. While some players may find this intimidating, it is a generally fast and effective way to gather in-game currency. During a casually paced 3-hour play session, I acquired enough money to play the fishing mini-game over 30 times. By the time you have done the first two methods, you should feel fairly comfortable hopping into online play. When you do, you will start to earn currency much faster. Online play is the best way to make money in Guilty Gear Strive

It is worth noting that a few modes do not grant any currency in the game. The first is the story mode, which features no gameplay and is just a series of cutscenes. The game does not reward you for watching the story mode. The second main thing that you will not receive currency for is playing against the computer in the versus mode. If you want to earn currency, you’ll have to do mission mode, arcade mode, or play online.

In summary, the best way to earn currency in Guilty Gear Strive is to play the online mode. You can also play the mission mode and arcade mode, which is what we recommend before going online if you are new, though online matches are without a doubt the quickest way to amass in-game money. Once you’ve got the currency, you can simply go to the left side of the online lobby onto the balcony and talk to the NPC, who will give you the option to fish. Alternatively, you can select fishing under the collection option on the main menu. This will let you pay currency to get random items, including the unlockable music.

- This article was updated on:June 11th, 2021

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