Halo Infinite Missing Battle Pass Tiers: Not Getting Battle Pass Boost Tiers Solution

How to claim your Battle Pass boost in Halo Infinite.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Halo Infinite Battle Pass: Heroes of Reach

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer has officially launched, along with Season 1’s Battle Pass, ahead of its original December 8th release date. The battle pass can be purchased separately, or via the ‘Premium Pass Bundle’, which contains a level boost to Battle Pass Tier 25. However, certain players have reported that they aren’t receiving their battle pass boost in Halo Infinite. In this guide, we’ll detail exactly what to do if you bought the Premium Pass Bundle and haven’t received your free tiers.

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What to Do if you Didn’t Recieve a Battle Pass Boost in Halo Infinite

If you bought the Premium Pass Bundle for Halo Infinite‘s Season 1 Battle Pass and haven’t received your tier boost; don’t worry. The boost isn’t automatically applied and has to be done manually by redeeming tokens included in the bundle. To do this, enter the Battle Pass screen – which is ‘Y’ on Xbox – and select the Battle Pass. Open up the ‘Boosts’ section by clicking it, or pressing ‘Y’ on the controller. This section contains an option to purchase a level up for Credits (Cr) or redeem ‘Double XP Boost’ or ‘XP Grant’ tokens, which is what you’re looking for.


XP Grant tokens can be redeemed for 250 XP each, and the Premium Pass Bundle contains 100 of them, which is equivalent to 25 levels at 1,000 XP per level. Redeem all 100 tokens and your Battle Pass tier will shoot up 25 levels. Tokens in Halo Infinite can be saved up and used at any time, so you don’t need to redeem them straight away if you want to hold on to them for any reason.

What is included in the Premium Pass Bundle?

Other than the 25 level boost, the Premium Pass Bundle includes Halo Infinite‘s Season 1 Battle Pass: Heroes of Reach. The Battle Pass provides the player with a reward every time they level up, which can be a customisation item – armor pieces, armor coating, effects, weapon charms, stances, etc -, an XP boost, or a ‘Challenge Swap’, which, as the name suggests, allows the player to swap a challenge of their choice.


While certain rewards in the Battle Pass are free, owning the Premium Battle Pass allows the player to unlock over one hundred exclusive rewards that are otherwise unobtainable. Notably, the armor sets of Noble Team members from Halo: Reach. The Premium Battle Pass also unlocks an extra Challenge slot, which allows more chances at extra XP gains each week.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available for free on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, with its Campaign launching on December 8th, 2o21.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2021

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