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Harry Potter Wizards Unite How to Brew Potions Faster

Speed up your potion brewing time.

by William Schwartz


Potions can be incredibly helpful items for you to have in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.  Potions can help you in combat to improve traces, heal you, and other perks that will assist you.  You can brew potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite by heading into the suitcase icon and then selecting potions on the bottom left of the screen.  Doing so will open the Cauldron that you can use items that you’ve picked up to brew different potions.

Select a slot below the Cauldron and then a new screen will open that displays what potions you have the ingredients to craft.  Some potions will require that you reach a certain level before you can brew them.  Potions also take time to brew, but can be finished off early for gold or you can use advanced brewing techniques to get them done quicker.

Advanced Potion Brewing

Once you’ve got the ingredients in the cauldron, you can then use these advanced techniques of stirring the pot to speed up the process.  Each potion has a unique method of stirring to speed up the brewing process and it is a game of trial and error.  However, once you’ve found a potion’s combination it is then stored for future use.

There are numerous inputs you can do on the Cauldron to try and crack this code.  There are left and right horizontal swipes, clockwise and counter-clockwise circles, pinch and zoom motions, tapping the screen, shaking your phone, and vertical lines.  You must find the three stirring methods and do them in order to get the speed-up bonus.

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