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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Best classes for Heavy Duty playlist

by William Schwartz


Infinity ward have recently added a new playlist to Call of Duty Ghosts; Heavy Duty. This article is designed to give you an ideal set up of perks, weapons and attachments to take into it. Firstly, if you weren’t aware; Heavy Duty gives players increased health (about 33% more by the looks of it) and will normally be either Team Deathmatch, Domination of Blitz.

To start with, I’ll list my Heavy Duty loadout, and explain the choices, before going into other suggestions. So here’s what I use;

  • Gun – AK-12
  • Attachments – Foregrip, Silencer
  • Secondary – None
  • Lethal – None
  • Tactical – Concussion
  • Perks – Ready Up (1), Sleight of Hand(2), Agility(2), Off the Grid(3), Hardline(2)
  • Strike Package – Assault – SAT COM, Guard Dog, Trinity Rocket

This I find to be a very versatile class. The AK-12 has very good accuracy, range and damage. It lacks in rate of fire and reload speed (which is why I use Sleight of Hand with it), but a weapon with higher damage is preferable in the Heavy Duty playlist. For this reason, the MSBS, Remington R5 or any of the Marksmen Rifles are also good options.

As for the attachments, I like to stay silent which is why I use a Silencer and the Off the Grid perk, and adding the Foregrip makes the AK even better at long ranges. This is especially useful as the suppressor reduces effectiveness over range. I like the iron sights of the AK-12, but for any of my suggested weapons, you could swap one of these attachments out for a Sight. I use a concussion grenade but no lethal as I rarely get kills with grenades, but concussions are very useful for getting assists (which works well in conjunction with Hardline) and just generally getting an easy kill.

The final two perks that I use, Agility and Ready Up, are designed to make me faster in the game, as I like to move around the map rather than staying in one place. Other good perks to use would be Deadeye if you’re really sure of your abilities (though not at the same time as a Marksmen rifle). Quickdraw and On The Go are good if you find yourself running head first into too many gunfights unprepared, and Amplify and Dead Silence are good if you have a headset or good sound system.

Hopefully these class tips for Heavy Duty on Call of Duty: Ghosts helped, feel free to leave a comment below with any feedback or suggestions of your own.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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