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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Wings

Mecha Tyreal isn't going to fix himself.

by Alex Levine


MechaStorm II has officially begun in Heroes of the Storm, and with it comes the Event Long Quest line. This time around, players will have their hands full as they are now tasked with a full repair job on Mecha Tyreal, who really took a beating during the last invasion. To complete these quests, players need to fulfill certain requirements within matches, usually in a winning game as well.

Don’t worry though, we’re going to go over each quest and how you can complete them before the event ends, which is in August by the way, so you have plenty of time. It’s also important to note that their are three waves of quests this time, as opposed to single ones from previous events and one for each of Tyreals limbs, so you really ought to take your time with these. Here’s how to complete the quests to repair Tyreals Wings.

1. Repair: Win 2 games as a Healer or Support Hero.

This one is nice and simple. All you have to do is win two games as a Healer or Support type hero. Healers are designed to focus on maintaining the health and livelihood of the team while Supports tend to throw out buffs and debuffs for allies and enemies respectively. Honestly just pick anyone you want from those categories, but if you’re stuck on a decision the current meta has Anduin and Ana as the two top healers in the game, and Medivh has always been a top tier Support hero. It’s always a good idea to give these heroes a try in a Practice Match before jumping online to do battle.

 2. Upgrade Wings: Receive a Clutch Healer, Combat Medic, Main Healer, or MVP Award.

Each of these end of match awards are not terribly hard to obtain, considering you are on your A game with your Healer. Clutch Healer requires you to save your teammates life right before their health bar reaches zero. Combat Medic is when you heal the most during any team fight, as opposed to Main Healer which is given to the Healer with the highest amount in the game. MVP is pretty straightforward, just be the best damn hero in the match.

3. Mission: Aerial Support Link: Heal 400,000 Damage in Winning Games.

This one is a doozy, and rightly so. You’ll need to accumulate 400,000 healing points in games and win in each of them. Not an easy task considering the Healer is often the target of the opposing side. Still, it can be done, if your team is fighting their butts off and your healing is on point then getting this number shouldnt take more than a few matches. Just make sure you win them too, otherwise all of your hard work is for nothing.

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