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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Head

What's in the mecha box?

by Alex Levine


So we got the wings up and ready, but what about his head? Tyreal’s Head Quest is made up mostly from simply playing the game. This is arguably the best way to start off this insane venture, as it only gets more complicated and harder from here. Here’s how to complete the quests to repair Tyreals Head.

1.Repair Head: Play Three Games. 

Not much to this one, as it is simply play in any three games to complete the quest. This includes Quick Match, Unranked and Ranked matches, but not Brawl matches as those are reserved for special circumstances.

2. Upgrade Head: Score 30 Takedowns in Winning Games. 

Once again, very simple. 30 sounds like a big number, but if you play this game every now and then you’ll hit that number in no time. However, it won’t mean squat unless you win the matches.

3. Mission: Agile Tactics Array: Contribute 60,000 Experience in Winning Games.

This one could take a while, especially since most heroes do not gather that much experience in a single match. We recommend going with either a Brusier or a Ranged Assassin for this one, as they will do the most damage in any lane against minions. And as always, win the dang matches. We can’t stress that enough, because all of that experience will equate to nothing if you lose any of them.

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