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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Left Leg

Two legs are better than one.

by Alex Levine


Just like the Right Leg, the quests for Tyreals Left Leg are marred with statistical number challenges. But it’s the last one, and once you finish it, Mecha Tyreal will be complete once more. Here’s how to repair Tyreals Left Leg.

1.Repair Left Leg: Deal 35,000 Physical Damage. 

Similar to the Spell damage quest, you’ll need to use heroes that deal Physical damage as opposed to the former. Tanks are the most well known heroes with Physical damage, so Diablo and Garrosh are prime picks for this one. This time you don’t have to win the matches, as Physical fighting means having to get real close with your enemies, which means more danger for you.

2.Upgrade Left Leg: Destroy 8 Enemy Forts or Keeps in Winning Games.

Forts and Keeps are the buildings that separate both teams from each other on the map. They are also a major part of your teams defense, and if they go down, then more minions will be able to push that respective lane. Forts are the closest to the middle of the map, while Keeps are further back by the Core. You can destroy them by simple attacking them, and once its health bar reaches zero, it’s gone for good. Keep in mind that you need to be near a For or Keep when it is demolished for it to count towards this quest. Take down 8 of them while winning your matches to check this one off the list.

3. Mission: Auxiliary Skirmish Reactor: Deal 300,000 Siege Damage.

Siege damage is when you’re attacking Forts, Keeps, Cannon Towers, and even minions. This number represents how much damage you’ve done to the enemies side of the map, so the higher the number, the better for you and your team. Lane pushers are great for this quest, specifically Bruisers or Melee Assassins. Twin Blades Varian and even a skilled Murky can stack the numbers really high if they’re having a great game. The best part of this quest is that you don’t have to win the matches for them to count, so grind away with reckless abandon!

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