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Hitman 2 How to Avoid Cameras

They can make your life miserable.

by William Schwartz


Once you’ve started to get to know the maps of Hitman 2 the final level of mastery is knowing where you can walk without being spotted by cameras.  If you are spotted by a camera it will be recorded in the level’s security room and it will go against your overall score.

The easiest way to learn where cameras are in each level is to find the security room and look at the security feed.  Here’s a full list of Security Rooms in the Hitman 2 levels.  Once you know which areas have cameras and which don’t you can easily avoid them using a couple of tricks.

The cameras themselves can sometimes be tricky to see, but using Agent 47’s Assassin’s Instinct Vision by pressing and holding the RB/R1 button you can see a camera located in yellow.  Cameras are usually placed higher in levels, above doors, on walls, etc… generally in places that you cannot reach.

Once you’ve located a camera you can use the vision power to also see exactly where a camera is looking and its complete field of vision.  Cameras will pan from side to side so what you’re seeing in one instance may be different from the next.

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