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Hitman 2 How to Delete Security Footage

Destroy the evidence and make life easier.

by William Schwartz


Just because you get away with murder doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got away cleanly.  In Hitman 2, everyone is watching you.  To make matters worse, video cameras are also recording you in certain areas of each map.

These cameras can track your location and will give the closest guard your location which will help them in hunting you down.  There are a couple of ways to handle video evidence and cameras in Hitman 2.  The first is to just shoot the cameras out.  This is normally going to be your best option because a broken camera can’t record you.  But for times when you can’t shoot out a camera because of the risk of being seen, you’re going to need to find where they keep the video recorder.

If you end up being caught on camera in Hitman 2 you’ll be shown that you were recorded.  If you are trying to complete challenges that require that you do not leave any evidence this will be a no-no.  So you’re going to want to delete said evidence.

Each map has numerous security rooms where they keep this evidence.  You’re going to want to keep an eye out for stations like the one in the image above.  When you find it, it’s generally a good practice to go ahead and destroy it.  Although there are multiple recording devices in a level, once you destroy one, all cameras will stop recording you and evidence will be destroyed.

You can use general logic in trying to find these terminals.  They are almost always guarded by armed enemies and in security rooms or guard quarters.

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