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Hitman 2 How to Get a Sniper Rifle

Keep your distance.

by William Schwartz


The Sniper Rifle is one of the most fun guns to use in Hitman 2 if just for the extra planning that goes into setting up an Assassination as you need to have pretty solid knowledge of where and when your targets are going to show up.  To get a Sniper Rifle in Hitman 2 you’re going to have to complete some challenges.   There are three ways to get a Sniper Rifle early in the game in Hitman 2.  You can reach level 5 Mastery in the Paris Showstopper Mission from the previous Hitman game.  You can reach level 5 on the Miami mission in Hitman 2, or you can complete an Escalation Challenge to unlock a silenced sniper.

Our preferred choice of these three is the one gotten from the Escalation Challenge because it’s suppresed, has the marksman perk, and has a variable zoom scope.  The others are more bare bones long ranged weapons.

Once you’ve completed the challenge to get the sniper rifle you can then include it in your pre-mission plans by having it dropped off at an Agency Stash spot, or you can smuggle the item in your briefcase.  There are many other sniper rifle variations in Hitman 2.  You can find the list below and the requirements you’ll need to meet to unlock them.  All of these weapons have different perks that come along with the unlock, but those perks can only be used on that specific weapon.

Sniper Rifle Unlocks List

Sieger 300 Ghost – A House Made of Sand – Complete All Escalation Missions

Jaeger 7 – Level 5 – Paris Mastery

Jaeger 7 Mk II – Level 5 Miami Mastery

Sieger 300 Tactical – Level 10 – Isle of Sgail Mastery

Jaeger 7 Tiger – Level 15 – Bangkok Mastery

Sieger 300 – Level 15 – Colorado Mastery

Druzhina 34 – Level 20 – Mumbai Mastery

Jaeger 7 Lancer – Level 20 – Sapienza Mastery

Sieger 300 Advanced – Level 20 – Hokkaido Mastery

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