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Hitman 2 How to Get Silenced Sniper Rifle

Silenced and scoped.

by William Schwartz


The great part about Hitman is that you can tackle any mission any way you want.  Whether that’s getting up close and personal to carry out your assassinations, or keeping your distance with a ranged sniper rifle.  Sniper Rifles come in different shapes and sizes in Hitman 2.  Some are standard long-range weapons with no frills.  While others have things like suppressors, variable zoom scopes and marksman abilities.

This guide will explain how to get one of the best sniper rifles in Hitman 2.  The Sieger 300 Ghost Sniper Rifle is a suppressed sniper rifle that has a 4x scope and marksman capabilities.  This weapon can be had by completing a simple challenge early on in the game.

By accessing the legacy missions from the previous Hitman game you can unlock the Silenced Sniper Rifle pretty early on in the game with very little story spoilers or challenge.  Simply head to the Marrakesh Escalation “A House Built on Sand” Mission Challenge and complete the entire set of them.  The Escalation will get more and more difficult with each turn, but the reward is worth it and it doesn’t take too long to do.

Once you complete all of the Escalation challenges for this mission you will be given the Sieger 300 Ghost Sniper.  The full perk list on this item includes subsonic and suppressor perks, as well as the time-slowing Marksman perk, and an adjustable 4x scope.

After you’ve unlocked the weapon you’re free to take this silenced sniper rifle on any level but you’ll need to decide whether you want to smuggle an item into an ICA Agency Pickup location or if you want to bring the silenced sniper rifle along in your briefcase.

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