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Hitman 2 How to Unlock Silverballer Pistol

47's iconic pistol

by William Schwartz


Agent 47’s iconic weapon is the Silverballer Pistol.  Unfortunately, you don’t start out with these weapons in Hitman 2 but you can get them rather quickly and they’re a pretty big improvement from your starting weapons in the game.

The Silverballer Pistol need to be earned in one of two ways. It can be unlocked by reaching Level 2 Mastery on the Mumbai Mission in the new Hitman 2 content.  Or, it can be unlocked by completing the Mission Story objectives in the Paris Showstopper Mission.

Either one of these missions will take you about the same amount of time to complete the objective, but if you choose the Mumbai Mission to get the Silverballer Pistol right away when you start Hitman 2 you will be tackling the levels out of order.

The Silverballer Pistol is a tactical pistol with a custom suppressor.  The fire rate is low, but has high damage.  It also has a couple of perks attached to it with the Suppressor and Steady Aim functionality.

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