Honkai Impact 3rd How to get 100 Free Crystals – Legendary Speed Event

Participate in the speedy event, and grab 100 crystals for free!

by Victor Vellas

Honkai Impact 3rd launches the community event – Legendary Speed – to celebrate their most recent collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Everyone is invited to share pictures of their fastest times riding their awesome bikes from the in-game activity – SIM Rankings – Accelerated Awakening

All you have to do is to take a screenshot of your Accelerated Awakening record and show it off to everyone out there. After a total of 500 and 800 comments are gathered, there is going to be a celebratory giveaway of a total of 100 Crystals to everyone. Not a shabby amount for just sharing a picture as a comment to their social media.

The time frame of the event will be from 10:00, January 24 to 04:00, February 14.

In order to participate, play the in-game activity – SIM Rankings – Accelerated Awakening – and share a screenshot of you completing it, the respective time you had, alongside your UID under the community event post to their Facebook page.

A 50-Crystal code will be unlocked in the specific post, when it reaches the respective comments, so make sure to join in and help everyone win this great prize.

For reference, the reply format everyone needs to follow, should be like this: UID + [SIM Rankings – Accelerated Awakening] Completion Screenshot.

Honkai Impact 3rd recently launched their 4.5 update, alongside Asuka and her new Battlesuit. Make sure to stay tuned in their official website and the in-game news, to not miss any other goodies like these.