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Honkai Star Rail Argenti: Release Date, Banner, Kit, and Leaks

After months of intense speculation and anticipation, Honkai Star Rail‘s newest unit, Argenti, is finally on the way.

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Through a combination of leaks and official sources, we’ve been given a clear picture of who Argenti is and what kind of unit he will be. Here’s everything you need to know about Argenti’s release date, abilities, and Eidolons.

Argenti in Honkai Star Rail

According to official Honkai Star Rail sources, Argenti is a five-star physical character and part of the Path of Erudition. Path of Erudition focuses on strategic behavior and dealing high amounts of damage to multiple targets. Argenti could be a great addition to any player’s party.

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Release Date

Argenti will be released during the “Thorns of Scented Crown” time-wrap event, slated to run from December 6th, 2023, to December 26th, 2023. His drop rate will significantly increase during this event, so be ready to spend those Stellar Jades and Golden Star Rail Tickets you’ve been saving.

Eidolons for Argenti

You will find all the leaked Eidolons for Argenti in the Reddit post and grid below. These names and effects are subject to change, considering leaks are often not set in stone.

Fate of a Loyal ServantEvery stack of “Self-Cultivation” increases Crit DMG by ?%.
Snow somewhere in the UniverseWhen Ultimate kills enemy targets, recover? energy for every enemy killed. The effect can only be triggered again after? turns.
Shining HallucinationSkill lv. +2, until lv 15; Talent lv +2, until lv 15.
Beauty Kingdom StandardsWhen the battle begins, receive ? stacks of “Self-Cultivation,” and increase max amount of Talent stacks by ?.
Vile Death HistoryUltimate lv +2, until lv 15; Basic ATK 1v +1, until Lv 10.
Your RadianceWhen using Ultimate, ignore ?% of Enemy DEF.

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All Argenti Abilities in Honkai Star Rail

According to the Honkai Star Rail leaks page, a credible source named Mero has detailed what abilities Argenti will have. Surprisingly, there’s no information on a Basic Attack, but all other skills look great.

Justice Always PrevailsSkillDeals Physical damage to all enemies based on Argenti’s ATK.
Gift of Formless BeautyUltimateConsumes energy to deal physical damage to all enemies based on Argenti’s ATK. Can consume either 100% or 200% of energy cap, with the latter option increasing the Ult’s DMG and dealing 6 additional attacks to random enemies.
Neutral GreyTalentWhen hitting enemies with normal attacks, skills, or ultimate skills restores 5 energy and gains 1 stack of “Self-cultivation”, which increases Argenti’s Critical Rate by a certain percentage. This effect can stack up to 10 times.
Gaze of BeautyTechniqueStuns enemies in a certain area for 8 seconds. Upon entering battle with the stunned enemy restores 5 energy to Argenti and deals Physical damage to all enemies based on Argenti’s ATK.
DevotionTraceWhen the round begins, immediately receive ? stacks of Self-Cultivation.
GenerosityTraceWhen the battle begins, Argenti’s speed increases by ?, which lasts for ? rounds.
BraveryTraceIf the enemy target’s HP% is less than ?%, Argenti’s attack deals more damage to said enemy target.

That is all the information leaked for Argenti, the mysterious new character for Honkai Star Rail. More information will likely be revealed as the Thorns of Scented Crown event progresses, so don’t worry and be patient. There are also other characters to look forward to, such as Topaz and Numby.

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