How Do you Play Cookie Clicker Unblocked At Work Or School

Can't get enough Cookie Clicker? Find out how to access it anywhere you go!

by Shaun Cichacki

On paper, Cookie Clicker doesn’t exactly sound like the most engaging experience. As players continue to click away at their screen, they’ll start seeing more cookies get added to their total. However, once it finally clicks, something changes within you, as gamers cannot stop clicking on these cookies to get more and more.

Alongside plenty of wacky powerups and other items to help them on their journey, Cookie Clicker has become something of a trailblazer in the past few years, still inspiring new titles while holding its own on the rankings. For those hoping to find a new game to keep them occupied during the duller hours of work or school, here is the easiest way to access this title on a secured and blocked browser!

How To Play Cookie Clicker At Work Or School

While plenty of gamers may need to focus on what they’re doing during the work or school day, some have times when it’s deader than a doornail at their particular place of employment or schooling. Having something quick and easy to jump into, while also still being able to hide it when things get busy is great, and Cookie Clicker is a great example of a title that works great for that.

Let’s dive into our world and start clicking cookies, so we can start building up our stockpile. Follow along with these tips and tricks to get the most out of your new favorite game, and find out how to play it on any browser, anytime.

Find Unblocked Sources For Cookie Clicker

There are plenty of unblocked sources that house games like Cookie Clicker, even if it may not be the truly authentic version. Plenty of sites will use slightly deceiving website domains to trick a firewall into not knowing what people are really doing, so give these sites a try if you’re hoping to access Cookie Clicker without running into the dreaded blocked notification:

However, if those sites don’t work, there are a few other options available to you so you can get your Cookie Clicker fix! Giving those sites a check first may give you the perfect opportunity to get onto your favorite page quickly, so you can keep adding to your growing total. Some of them even allow you to save your progress so you can pick up on it once again at another time.

While there are other options available, such as downloading or playing the game on your phone, phones may not be allowed during school or work hours. For those hoping to get a few clicks in here or there without arising suspicion, give this tip a try for the chance to play wherever you may be.

Cookie Clicker is available now on Mobile Devices and PC.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023