How Many Endings Are In Neon White?

Find out how many endings there are in Neon White!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you make your way through Neon White, you’ll need to move fast, and shoot faster to make sure that you’re able to save yourself a spot in heaven or face the wrath of Hell. Even if you think you’ve done everything properly, you may find out at the time of completion, that you may have needed to push harder than you thought.

There are a few different endings in Neon White, so make sure that you’re following along with us to make sure that you’re able to get the right ending the first time, instead of finding out what happens if you don’t complete everything the way it needs to be done.

How Many Endings In Neon White

As you complete levels, and proceed through them quickly, you’ll be able to unlock some replayability aspects that let you explore the level that you just completed. You won’t need to rush this time around, so you’ll want to take some time to look out for different gifts that are hanging around in the levels. You’ll need to collect quite a few of these as you make your way through the game, and make sure that you are speaking with the other Neons that are around in the central hub.

You’ll need to give these gifts to the other Neons to make sure that you are advancing your memories with them further. You’ll unlock some extra dialog with them, as well as a few great sidequests that will allow you to push yourself harder and faster than ever before, so make sure that you’re learning more about what got you into the predicament that you’re in now, as it will also help you unlock the true ending of the game.

Once you have completed the final mission, you’ll be given a choice. If you have not advanced your memories with your Neons, you will not be able to get this full ending, leaving you with a taste of what’s to come when the game is finally complete.

Neon White is available on June 16th on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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