How to Respec Your Character in Enshrouded

There are so many possible builds...

by Davi Braid
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I highly recommend learning how to respec your character in Enshrouded. This game offers numerous builds and combos to explore. There are so many possibilities!

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In Enshrouded, your progression earns you points. These points can be used in a skill tree divided into classes like Wizard, Warrior, Assassin, Battlemaster, and more. Each class has special abilities and the skill trees branch and connect to other classes, allowing interesting ways to evolve your character and create unique builds and playstyles that combine two classes that interest you. Learning how to respec your character in Enshrouded is a great way to keep players invested in figuring out new builds and combos.

How to Reset Your Skill Points in Enshrouded

To respec your character and reset your Skill Points in Enshrouded, you must commune with the Flame that you craft during the tutorial when setting down your first base and spend 10 Runes to use the ‘Reset Skill Points’ option.

From our time playing the game so far, the 10 Runes you’ll need to pay to Respec hasn’t increased as we’ve progressed through the game, and you will probably be able to acquire it by exploring the Shroud or its surroundings a few times. That being said, we’d expect either a future update or respeccing at even higher levels to bring a heftier price.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Look for the corrupted humans you see roaming around or in the Shrouded and take them down one by one. You can use a torch for this task. It’s not only effective against these creatures, but it also helps you see if night falls while you’re farming Runes to respec your character in Enshrouded. These enemies might also drop Torn Cloth, a Material you will need to heal yourself when exploring the world.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy
  1. Farm Runes by defeating the deformed humans in or near the Shroud.
  2. Interact with a Flame Altar to commune with it.
  3. Select the Reset Skill Points option.
  4. Spend the requested number of Runes.

How to Craft a Torch in Enshrouded

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can craft a Torch anywhere. Just go to the Survival section of your Crafting tab. All you need to craft a Torch is the following Materials:

  • 1x Twigs
  • 1x Plant Fiber

These materials are easy to find around the starting area, near the first Altar in the Cinder Vault. Just look for bushes and interact with them and you’ll probably get either Twigs or Plant Fiber from them. Then just open your Crafting menu by pressing V on your keyboard, and select ‘Torch.’ Press Space to craft it and you’re good to go.

That’s everything you need to know on how to respec in Enshrouded.

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