How to Beat the Farmer in Goat Simulator 3

What did the farmer say to the man who found his missing goat... You really got my goat!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to beat the Farmer in Goat Simulator 3? No game would be complete without a boss battle, and Goat Simulator 3 takes this to the next level. Goat Simulator 3 includes a lot of easter eggs, and video games from the ’80s inspire the boss battle. Each stage of the boss battle is different, and it can be confusing to know exactly how to beat each level. Here is everything you need to know about beating the Farmer in Goat Simulator 3.

How to Beat the Farmer in Goat Simulator 3

Before you can unlock the final boss battle, you must complete all 7 Illuminati ranks to open the gate in your goat castle. Once you have earned enough experience, you must go to the gate and press the interact key. Then, the gate will open, and you can enter.

Open the Gates


After entering the gate, you will be given a cutscene where the Farmer tells you the final boss fight hasn’t been completed yet and to check back later. He will then go back to work on various items on the level. Don’t be fooled by this, though! Run up to the Farmer and headbutt him off the ledge. The Farmer will come back angry and start the actual boss fight. The final boss fight takes place over five stages inspired by popular games and genres.

MMO-Style Boss Fight

If you have ever played an MMO, you know that raid bosses have timing mechanics. The first stage will have multiple timing mechanics you will have to complete until the Farmer’s life goes down to zero.

Attack the Farmer


You can attack the Farmer between each timing mechanic we discuss below. He will land in the middle of the stage in a landing pose. This is the only time you can attack him for damage. We recommend you use the Death-Ray-Bans head or the Channitatium Shield back wardrobe items instead of running up to and headbutting him. The laser and shield items will automatically damage him without wasting time by running up to him and headbutting him, which means you will burst him down quickly. Aim your laser or shield at his black boot for the easiest target.

Cube Dodge


The first timing mechanic is a cube that falls. The cube will lock onto your location until right before it drops. You need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the cube.

Axis Icon Dodge


The second timing mechanic involves the axis icon in game engines like Unreal or Unity. Red circles will appear on the stage, and you must stay out of them. However, a few seconds after appearing as a red circle, they will burst into the axis icon, damaging you. You will see various patterns during this part, which becomes increasingly difficult.

Tractor Dodge


The third and final timing mechanic is having to dodge moving tractors. You will know which tractors will move across the stage by red flashing arrows. Near the end of this mechanic, all five of the tractor locations will be lit up, but don’t panic. Only a certain amount of tractors will spawn immediately. You will have time to dodge them and then move into their location to dodge the second wave.

Mario-Inspired Level Battle

The Farmer will pick up a handheld gaming device, and you will be transported into an NES Mario Brothers’-inspired level. Your only goal is to traverse to the right until you reach the flag at the end. When the flag is hit, you will automatically be the farm for this level.

Hide and Seek

The Farmer will hide among various objects, scenery, and NPCs. You will have a short time to find him and hit him. Using the shield’s natural bounce or the laser beam’s controllable beam is the quickest and easiest way to destroy everything and locate him before the time runs out. You will go through various hide-and-seek rounds before moving on to the next match.

Server Destroy


You will appear in a warehouse that looks similar to the Swekia one. A bunch of servers is used for hosting Goat Simulator 3. Use the shield or laser item again to destroy every server in the room. You will need to traverse up the shelves to reach higher-up servers.

Wireframed Arcade Race


After destroying all of the servers, you will be transported into a car where you must race against the progress bar of corruption taking over the game. Avoid the yellow and white boxes, as they will stop your forward momentum. The rest of the boxes you can crash through just fine.



Congratulations! You have beaten the final boss level and the game. After a brief credits cutscene, you will be dropped back at the Fairmeadows Ranch location. You can now transform into the Farmer by equipping it in your Goat wardrobe item slot. You can continue to play the game as usual through solo or multiplayer modes. If you want to fight the Farmer again, enter the final door in your goat castle.

Goat Simulator 3 is available for preorder on PC through Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.