How to Break Through Blue Chains in Blasphemous 2

Learn here how you can dash through blue chains in Blasphemous 2!

by J.R. Waugh
Blue Chains Blasphemous 2
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Blasphemous 2 has so many different mechanics and obstacles that’ll keep players guessing as to how they’re overcome. They are far too tantalizing to ignore and often appear to guard vital secrets along the way. While some are subtle, others couldn’t be more in the way and are frustratingly enigmatic. One such obstacle in Blasphemous 2 is that of the blue chains which you’ll encounter further in your playthrough, so learn here how you can break through them!

How Do You Get Through Blue Chains in Blasphemous 2?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You must obtain a Relic of Contrition from the Crown of Towers and have the Sarmiento Centella weapon. The Relic in question unlocks a midair dash (R2 / RT / ZR) that allows you to pass through the blue chains in Blasphemous 2. The room where you get the Relic is accessed just down from the lower-right exit of the Basilica of Absent Faces.

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You’ll need to hit the mirror with your blades to pass through the gate and get this ability. From here you’ll then be able to freely explore the rest of the Crown of Towers. It’s also with this ability that the platforming challenges in Blasphemous 2 get trickier, with blue chains adding to the giant bell platforms and fully exploring the Basilica of Absent Faces. If you explore well enough, you’ll find surprising secrets not only in the game’s new challenges but even a few left behind by developers as Easter eggs.

Are There More Abilities to Find in Blasphemous 2?

Chances are, if you found this, you’ve nearly got all of the abilities, but one key ability you’ll soon find is the Scions’ Protection. This will turn those gold-shimmering particles in the air into small rings held up by cherubs that you can use to hang from the air and access new areas in the game. But this won’t be until you reach the Severed Tower.

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