How to Change Kiryu’s Appearance in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Conceal Kiryu's identity with different outfits in Like a Dragon Gaiden!

by Marc Magrini
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Like a Dragon Gaiden allows players to change Kiryu’s appearance with a wide variety of clothes and outfits, but the feature isn’t unlocked immediately.

While exploring Sotenbori, “Joryu” can find numerous different pieces of clothing. He’s able to make use of alternate outfits at various points in his adventure, but he can’t do so immediately. Players will need to spend some time in Like a Dragon Gaiden before they unlock the ability to change clothes, but the opportunity will still come sooner instead of later.

Where to Change Appearance in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Though there are some points where Kiryu will need to change his look, he can only start freely changing his appearance after unlocking the Boutique. This location will become available upon returning to the Coliseum in Chapter 2, finally letting you change your look. You’ll get the chance to purchase certain clothing items beforehand, such as masks and sunglasses, thanks to the Akame Shop being available early on. But full customization only becomes available later on.

Upon unlocking full outfit customization, you’ll be able to prepare a wide selection of costumes for Kiryu to wear. You can choose whether to have him wear different clothes on his normal adventures or during his Coliseum fights, with the latter requiring a mask to be worn. The Boutique has its own selection of purchasable clothes, letting you obtain and equip new outfits immediately. Any wearable items purchased outside of the Boutique can also be used and worn in the shop at no extra cost.

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As you complete more substories and reach higher Coliseum ranks, you’ll gain access to more outfits and appearances. This applies to both the Akame Shop as well as the Boutique, so if you want to make Kiryu look truly unique, keep playing the game and aim for the highest rank possible!

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