How to Claim Endorsement VC in NBA 2K24

Check out how to unlock the feature and claim your endorsement VC in NBA 2K24.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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One of the best ways to get VC without spending real money in NBA 2K24 can be done through endorsements, as they will allow you to claim a sum after reaching certain fan milestones. But how can you claim your hard-earned endorsement VC in the game? Here’s how to claim Endorsement VC in NBA 2K24.

How to Unlock the Tab and Get Your Endorsement VC in NBA 2K24

Once you complete a total of five NBA games in MyCarrer, you will be able to unlock the endorsements tab by completing the Endorsements: Next Steps side quest, which will task you with meeting your father inside the arena. After completing the quest and reaching the milestones of any of the listed endorsements, you will then be able to claim your endorsement VC in NBA 2K24 by heading to Progression, Endorsements, and then selecting any of the available ones on the list.

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  • How-to-Unlock-the-Endorsements-Tab-and-Get-Your-VC-in-NBA-2K24
  • How-to-Unlock-the-Endorsements-and-Get-Your-VC-in-NBA-2K24
  • 2K24-How-to-Get-Your-VC

How to Get NBA, Local, Pop Culture, and Business Fans in NBA 2K24

The main way to get fans in NBA 2K24 can be done by simply playing games in any of the modes part of MyCarrer. During each game, the number of fans gained will be directly related to how well you performed, so we recommend that you always try to make an impact on the court through key plays.

I was able to also get a huge boost to my total number of Business and Local fans by choosing options praising both my team and organization during press conferences and post-game interviews. Picking options sure to get fans excited by either hinting at rivalries or showcasing your competitive mindset will instead reward you with an increase in NBA fans.

This guide was made while playing NBA 2K24 on PS5. 

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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