How to Complete Day 3 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2

I asked my mama what’s for dinner, she says roadkill, I say, what kind? She says, I gotta take a drive... Come and get some.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to complete Day 3 puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2? Just like Day 2, Day 3 has one central puzzle that requires you to find four map pieces leading to a buried vault with the next museum key. Finding this key will take you to Night 3 and progress the game further. This neighbor carries a shotgun that he will shoot if you are within a specific range. The house is big enough, and there are many different ways to enter it, so it isn’t too much of a problem. Here is everything you need to know about completing Day 3 puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to Complete Day 3 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2


There are a set of stairs on the side of the house leading up to the attic. Inside there will be a map piece hanging on a corkboard. This is where you need to attach the pieces of the map you find throughout the house.

How to Get Map Piece Number 1


Head down the stairs and head into the basement. Grab the switch off of the bear, go back upstairs and attach it to another bear by a window.


Toggle the switch, and the bear’s mouth will open, allowing you to take Map Piece 1.

How to Get Map Piece Number 6


Head back to the bear on the main level, where you attached the switch and found the first piece. After that, you can climb shelving using the white fabric hanging down.


You must interact with the boar’s head when at the very top. After that, you will have a specific amount of time to interact with the other three boar head.


Jump out the window across from the first boar’s head, fall to the ground, and climb back into the window with the bear inside. A boar head on the basement floor is hanging on the wall by a lamp.


Head upstairs, and you will find a boar’s head in between a doorway to the bathroom and a microwave sitting on the counter.


Finally, head up to the attic and climb the rafters to find the last boar head. Its eyes would grow green if you interacted with all four boars’ heads within the time limit.


The microwave door will open to reveal Map Piece Number 6.

How to Get Map Piece Number 4


Head down the stairs outside and climb onto the roof. You need to climb to the top where a constructed tower sits.


You will find a Blue C Magnet on top of the paint can.


Climb down and make sure you grab the shovel inside the tower as you need it later.


Next, climb back up to where you found the first boar’s head. About halfway up, you will find a bunch of blank wall mounts for animal heads. A letter B is attached to one of these.


Next, head to the bathroom with the boar’s head by the entrance. Inside the toilet will be the Letter F Magnet.


Head into the kitchen on this level and attach the magnets to the refrigerator.


It will open to reveal deer horns which you need to take to the deer mounted by the door in the same room as the map. This will pop out books on the bookshelf to the right with Map Piece Number 4.

How to Get Map Piece Number 8


You need to cut open the pillow on the bed in the attic. You will find a key that will open a locked chest by the bear in the basement where you pulled the switch from.


Break the boards with your crossbar and unlock the chest to find Map Piece Number 8 inside.

How to Finish Day 3


The completed map will show you where a safe is buried. Uncover it with the shovel you picked up earlier.


The colored dials match the push pins on the map. Match those to the map piece numbers to get your code, 80164. After picking up the key, you will be treated to a quick cutscene and then taken to Night 3.

Hello Neighbor 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.