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FIFA 19 How to do a Flair Shot

Add a little flair by using this shot modifier in FIFA 19.

by William Schwartz


Flair shots in FIFA 19 come in all shapes and sizes.  Players with a high flair stat are able to pull of some amazing shots whether from distance or in the box on volleys for things like bicycle and scorpion shots on goal.

Calling for a flair shot is the easy part.  You’re going to use the LT + B (Xbox) or LT + Circle (PlayStation).  Depending on where you are and the situation a number of different things can occur.  If you have a capable player and the ball is in the air, you very well could get a bicycle kick, a volley shot, or a scorpion kick by pressing the flair shot buttons at the correct time.

FIFA 19 Flair Shots

Xbox: LT + B
PlayStation: L2 + Circle

If you are shooting from farther out, the flair shot can still be a viable option depending on who is striking the ball.  If you have players like Ronaldo or Messi taking long flair shots they have a serious chance of putting them in the back of the net.

- This article was updated on:September 27th, 2018

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