How to Enable 1440p Support on PS5

Now without the extra caveats!

by Elliott Gatica


There was quite a sizeable update today for all owners of the PlayStation 5 system. Aside from the usual bug fixes and optimizations that we usually get, there was more this time that players will gladly enjoy. This update included things like screen sharing, a 3D audio test, YouTube voice commands, and most importantly, 1440p support. Here’s how to enable 1440p support on your PS5.

How to Enable 1440p Support on PS5

To get this resolution option, you’ll have to update your console’s firmware to the latest version. If you play online, the update should start downloading automatically. If you have automatic updates turned off, then manually download them. Next, wait for the update to finish, then install it. This will require a console reset.

Now that you’re back on your dashboard, head over to the settings on the top right. Find the Screen and Video option. You’ll notice that you can now see your Video Output Information, along with new features like being able to test 1440p output. Keep in mind that this will all depend on whether or not your HDMI cable and the tv/monitor your PS5 is plugged into can support those picture qualities.

Most Smart TVs or high-resolution monitors natively handle pictures at 2160p or 4K, so it would be no problem to do so. It’s more of a preference if you wish to do this.

If you are on an older device before 4K was a thing, most likely a model before 2015, you may not be able to use this feature at all. Chances are, if you can’t even use features like HDR, you may not be able to opt for 1440p.

What is the Difference Between 1440p and 4K?

1440p versus 4K is mostly picture quality. Some still probably opt out of 4K just from the ultrafine detail and overly vivid picture. The drawback of using 4K on a PS5 is that it will, depending on the game you play, reduce frame rates. With a picture quality like 1440p, you can still have solid picture quality and not have to sacrifice your frame rate for it.

You’ll have to tinker with other settings if you are planning to use the 1440p option. It’s better than 1080p and can still maintain smooth frame rates for games that support it.

The PlayStation 5 is out now, though you will need to keep on the lookout for restocks via the virtual queue on Sony’s website or at a retailer.

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2022

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