How to Fill Holes in Enshrouded

Dirt is very useful in Enshrouded

by Davi Braid

If you’ve been digging around your base in Enshrouded and have accidentally left a bunch of holes that disrupt the aesthetic appeal of your Altar, don’t fret. This guide will walk you through the process of filling those holes.

How to Use Dirt Blocks to Fill Holes in Enshrouded

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In order to fill a hole in Enshrouded, you need to use your Building Hammer, select a Dirt Block, and place it in the area you want to fill. If you’ve placed it a bit too high or low, you can either use the rake or place another block and then use the rake until it’s exactly how you want it to look. Although hole-filling might not seem like an essential skill in the game, it becomes crucial when you’re trying to pave a road or level the terrain around your base. If you’ve made a mess of the terrain like many of us have, it wouldn’t surprise me that you want to learn how to fill these holes.

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Many players don’t realize that when they’ve collected a bunch of dirt, they’ve probably already unlocked the recipe for building dirt blocks. All you need to access the Dirt Blocks is to have your Building Hammer in your hand and to be within the area of your base. With that out of the way, look for the Dirt Block, which will be one of the last available blocks on the list, and start to fill holes in Enshrouded!

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

It’s important to note that the game has a terrain regeneration system. Areas outside your base will eventually return to what they looked like before you destroyed them. So, if you’re worried about a road you might have ruined outside your base, you can just leave it there. It will eventually regenerate and return to its original state, looking the same way it used to before you messed it up. However, if the holes are inside your base, you will need to do something about it yourself. Changes within the area of your base are permanent.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2024

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