How to Fix ‘Failed to Load the Config File’ Error in Amnesia: The Bunker

Learn here how to fix the 'Failed to Load the Config File' error in Amnesia: The Bunker!

by J.R. Waugh
Amnesia the Bunker Failed to Load the Config File
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Bugs and errors are infuriating with any release, but with Amnesia: The Bunker, there is only one to worry about. Much of the game is well-optimized and quite fun, allowing you to get into the heart of the experience without having to worry about whether it’s too taxing on your PC. But PC players will lament one particular issue if they encounter it while playing this game. Here’s how to fix the ‘Failed to Load the Config File’ error in Amnesia: The Bunker!

Is There a Way to Fix the ‘Failed to Load the Config File’ Error in Amnesia: The Bunker?

Go to Documents/My Games/Amnesia The Bunker/Main and track down your user_settings.cfg file. Delete it, and consider the other .cfg files here for deletion as well. Once they’re deleted, boot up the game once more, and if you’ve deleted the files, you should be able to play the game again. Keep in mind: this is the default save path for .cfg files if you’re playing PC, and you may have to perform a search if they’re elsewhere.

This should also restore the .cfg files in the process. If you’re uncertain about this move, you’re welcome to save a copy of them elsewhere before attempting this.

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The ‘Failed to Load the Config File’ error is something of a recurring issue in any Amnesia game, and not just The Bunker. I’ve encountered something similar for The Dark Descent as well as Rebirth, and the fix is always relatively the same. In the case of The Bunker, after deploying the fix, the game said my save was corrupted, but when I hit continue, I came back roughly to the same spot I had saved at last.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game, despite it being the popular solution, does not seem to fix this issue. Consider the .cfg file fix first before taking any type of drastic options, so you can go right back to scrounging for gas to keep the lights on, as you try and find your way out of the bunker.

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