How to Fix ‘Lack of Labor’ in Cities: Skylines 2

Build your workforce, and don't let them ask questions about the raging forest fires just outside the city!

by J.R. Waugh
Not Enough Labor Cities Skylines 2
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If there’s a lack of labor in certain zones of your metropolis in Cities: Skylines 2, it’s time you review what’s going on. It’s a relatively simple issue in the game, but it directly affects your bottom line as you’re trying to grow the population and raise funds.

Labor is a multifaceted issue in Cities: Skylines 2 that extends beyond simply able-bodied citizens wanting to work. You’ll find the issue grows and evolves as you create more complicated features for your city, so here’s what you can do if there’s not enough labor!

Cities: Skylines 2 Labor Guide — How to Fix Lack of Laborers

An underrated first answer is always to check if the affected zones have a connection you have built to your city, which can commonly cause ‘Lack of Labor’ issues in Cities: Skylines 2. Prebuilt roads that existed before you started your playthrough are not reliable and won’t seem to count toward transporting your laborers. With that in mind, here are some simple tricks to help with your labor woes:

  • Build a sufficient road network connecting any industry to residences and the city at large
  • With industry and office zones, consider having elementary schools, high schools, and eventually even colleges and universities within reach from a central location in the city
  • Pay attention to the types of labor they’re lacking: unskilled labor won’t need schools nearby, but skilled labor such as colleges or above will need educated personnel to run them
  • Not-Enough-Labor-Cities-Skylines-2-Connecting-Workers
  • Not-Enough-Labor-Cities-Skylines-2-Educating-Laborers

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The goal is that your civilians are potential workers in different levels of specialized industry, but each of them should be able to reach these different locations equally conveniently. Finally, if you’re still finding this an issue, consider how much industry and commerce you’re building: it could be correlated to the ‘Not Enough Customers’ issue where you’re not putting enough focus on balancing your residences better!

- This article was updated on October 26th, 2023

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