Image from Starfield showing the Quest "Escape from the Endless Voyage" in action with a choice of giving over 50 potatoes visible on screen and Diana being there.
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How to Get 50 Potatoes in Starfield Easily

The easiest way to get 50 potatoes in Starfield is by purchasing them from Akila's Shepherd's General Store or The Store in New Homestead!

Starfield is packed full of items and resources for you to gather but the “Escape From the Endless Voyage” quest will require you to gather a whopping 50 potatoes. This article will take you through the best method I recommend for getting potatoes in Starfield.

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Where to Get Potatoes in Starfield

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The easiest way to get 50 potatoes in Starfield is by purchasing them from certain stores such as the following:

  • Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City (Akila)
  • The Store in New Homestead (Titan)

Potatoes will cost you 35 credits from here in the “Aid” section. They’re reasonably cheap but you can only buy a handful at a time, so you’ll need to use an exploit.

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How to Refresh Potato Vendor Supplies in Starfield

Buy all the potatoes in stock and then it’s time to go in the back room. Yes, to refresh the store’s stock of the gleaming potatoes you need to wait 48 hours so wait for 24 hours twice. I recommend the seat in the back of the store as it is closest to you: no need to go back to your ship.

It’s a classic Bethesda RPG mechanic, so don’t worry about how upsetting it’d be to have somebody sitting on a chair staring into space for 2 straight days.

I recommend that you partake in the journey to gather the 50 potatoes as it will make sure the quest giver (Janet Yang) who wants off the Generation Ship can get a taste of freedom — and hopefully of some more potatoes too in the future. Once you have the 50 potatoes you can take them back to Diana on the Generation ship and hand them over.

Can You Grow Potatoes at Outposts?

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No, you can’t grow potatoes in outposts. However, mods in the future may change this fact so it is worthwhile keeping an eye out for them. Just don’t mistake potato mods for “potato mode” mods meant to enhance FPS in exchange for graphics. Even if that didn’t stop players from hoarding potatoes and letting them drain out of their ship airlock.

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Now that you know where to get potatoes easily, don’t be afraid to sit silently after buying by the bushel. It’s only mildly upsetting for patrons, and it’ll pay off soon.

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