How to Get an Adder Snake for Razzil in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

by J.R. Waugh
How to Get an Adder Snake for Razzle in WoW Classic Season of Discovery
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World of Warcraft Classic is a comfortable experience that’s both nostalgic and robust for players wanting a clean experience. However, WoW Classic has also been introducing new little interactions in its Season of Discovery options, including Razzil at Razor Hill who wants an Adder snake.

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How to Get a Snake for Razzil in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Go southwest to find Razormane Quillboars you can fight which drop Adder Pheromone you can use to attract a snake to bring to Razzil in WoW Season of Discovery.

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Once you’ve found the Pheromone, use it on yourself from your inventory and approach the Adders, which are small bright green snakes with dark stripes. You should be able to attract and tame an Adder to follow you to Razzil.

What Do You Get From Bringing an Adder Back to Razzil in WoW?

  • How-to-Get-an-Adder-Snake-for-Razzle-in-WoW-Classic-Season-of-Discovery-Razormane-Quillboar
  • How-to-Get-an-Adder-Snake-for-Razzle-in-WoW-Classic-Season-of-Discovery-Adder-Pheromone

If you’re a Horde Hunter, you might enjoy this, as it will get you the Carve Rune which you can add to your inventory. This makes the rune-hunting a bit less challenging for Hunter players while on the Horde side in WoW while creating a fun little detour between grinding nearby enemy mobs to paste for kill counts or resources.

Can Other Hunter Races Get the Carve Rune This Way in WoW Classic?

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It’s specifically for Horde Hunters such as the Trolls and Orcs, and Taurens must get Prairie Dog Musk to bring a prairie dog to Takoda Sunmane in Bloodhoof Village. Alliance players will get this rune opportunity using the following methods:

  • Dwarves must tame a rabbit using Rabbit Musk and go to Toby at Amberstill Ranch
  • Night Elves must tame a deer using Deer Musk and bring it to the NPC near the Hunter Trainer in Darnassus

This is significantly less tedious than finding runes through grinding enemy mobs, so it’s worth knowing your options!

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2023

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