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How to Get Celebi in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon

by Dylan Siegler


Celebi is an event-only Pokémon, meaning you probably don’t have one unless you were in the right place at the right time or you’re a cheater. Yesterday (September 13), during a Nintendo Direct stream, it was revealed that players will soon have another chance to get the legendary Celebi. The method to obtaining it is a little unorthodox, but follow the instructions below and you’ll have no problem.

For this event, Celebi will be distributed via Mystery Gift code. Each player will get a unique code that can only be used once. You will receive your Celebi code upon purchasing Pokémon Gold or Silver from the 3DS eShop, which become available on September 22. Once you have purchased Gold or Silver, click the “Menu” button in the top-left corner in the eShop. Once in the Menu, click “Settings/Other” and then “Account Activity.” Choose to “View Receipt” for your Gold or Silver purchase. The Celebi code will be in the purchase details of the receipt.

Once you have the code, you can enter it into Mystery Gift to receive Celebi. Celebi can be attained in your Pokémon Sun or Moon game as soon as you get the code, or you can hang on to the code for a couple of months and use it to get a Celebi in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. To get Celebi, write down or memorize the code from your Gold or Silver receipt. In your SunMoonUltra Sun or Ultra Moon game, choose “Mystery Gift” from the main menu. Click “Receive Gift” and then “Get with Code/Password.” Then, click “Yes” and then “Yes” again. Enter the code once prompted to do so. Your game will receive the Mystery Gift. Now play the game and talk to the delivery man in any Pokémon Center to receive Celebi. Then you should probably save your game.

The Celebi that you will get from this event will be level 30 and will have the ability Natural Cure. It will have the moves Heal Bell, Safeguard, Ancient Power and Future Sight. You will be able to get a code for Celebi as long as you purchase Gold or Silver from the eShop sometime from September 22, 2017 through September 21, 2018. The code is redeemable until October 31, 2018. Also, The Pokémon Company wants to make sure people know that Celebi will NOT be attainable in Gold or Silver in this way; the code will only get you a Celebi in SunMoonUltra Sun or Ultra Moon.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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