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Anthem: How to Get Colossus Parts

Found by salvage, scrap heaps and treasure chests.

by William Schwartz


Colossus Parts are one of the Javelin specific crafting items in the game that are used to craft gear and components unique to the Colossus Javelin.  When you’re creating an item from a blueprint that is unique to one of the four Javelins you’re going to need parts from that Javelin.  In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Colossus parts in Anthem.

How to Get Colossus Parts in Anthem

Getting Colossus Parts is going to be pretty easy if you’ve already collected some loot as a Colossus.  What you’ll need to do to get Colossus Parts is to salvage items that are exclusively used by the Colossus.  This includes salvaging items from the ordinance launcher, components, or from your Support Gear sections of the Javelin.  These items can also be found in piles of scrap and treasure chests.

Once you salvage these items you will see on the right hand side of the screen that you’ve received Colossus Parts.  You can then take those parts and craft any Colossus Specific Blueprints that require them.

Each Javelin in Anthem has unique parts.  There are Colossus Parts, Interceptor Parts, Ranger Parts, and Storm Parts.  Salvaging items from each Javelin’s unique aspects will yield you parts from that suit.  If you don’t have anything to salvage you can always head to Prospero at the Vanity Store to purchase Colossus Parts.  These parts will cost 2000 coins.

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