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How to Get Dusk Form Lycanroc in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

by Dylan Siegler


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out tomorrow, November 17. If you pick up a copy of one of these games relatively early, you’ll have access to a new form of Lycanroc, its Dusk Form. However, getting your hands on a Dusk Form Lycanroc is kind of complicated, but if you follow the instructions below, you should be fine.

Starting tomorrow, there will be a Mystery Gift event for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to receive a special Rockruff. It is important that you receive this Rockruff because the only way to get a Dusk Form Lycanroc is by evolving this specific Rockruff. To get this Rockruff, you will want to select “Mystery Gift” from the game’s main menu instead of “New Game.” If Mystery Gift is not yet available, then start your game, play until you get to a good stopping point, then save and quit the game. Start the game up again, but now select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu. Once you are in the Mystery Gift menu, select “Receive Gift.” According to Serebii, this Rockruff will be available via Wi-Fi event, as opposed to a serial code, so select “Get via Internet.” You will be asked about connecting to the internet, to which you should respond “Yes.” Your game should pick up the Rockruff as a Mystery Gift. Now, continue your game and go to any Pokémon Center, where a delivery man in an orange and blue shirt will be waiting for you. Talk to him and he will give you your Rockruff. This Rockruff will be on Level 10, it will be holding a Focus Band and it will know the moves Tackle, Bite and Happy Hour. If you are playing Ultra Sun, this Rockruff will also know Fire Fang, whereas it will know Thunder Fang if you’re playing Ultra Moon. This Rockruff will only be obtainable through January 10, 2018, so make sure you get it soon upon receiving your copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.

So now you have your special Rockruff. Now you just need to get it to evolve. Rockruff normally evolves on Level 25 into a Lycanroc in its Midday Form if it is daytime in Sun or Ultra Sun or into its Midnight Form if it is nighttime in Moon or Ultra Moon. With this special Rockruff, however, you will want to make sure that it reaches Level 25 at dusk, specifically between 5:00PM and 5:59PM. If your Rockruff hits Level 25 before this timeframe, you can prevent its evolution by pressing “B” while it is trying to evolve. Each time it levels up again, it will try to evolve again, so just keep preventing it from evolving until it is the correct time. Also, keep in mind that Ultra Moon plays on an inverse time than in reality, so 5:00PM in the game will take place at 5:00AM in real life. You want Rockruff to evolve at 5:00PM-5:59PM in game time, so Ultra Moon players will have to get up at 5:00AM to make sure their Rockruff evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc. Ultra Sun players will not have this issue as Ultra Sun runs on the same time as real life.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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