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How to Get Event Lugia/Ho-Oh in Pokémon (Ultra) Sun/(Ultra) Moon

Legendary Year ends with the Johto cover Legendaries.

by Dylan Siegler


It has been quite a year for Pokémon fans, as Legendary Pokémon were distributed nearly every month this year. But all things must come to an end, and now Lugia and Ho-Oh are the last Legendaries to be distributed this Legendary Year. From November 2 through November 25 (or November 26 in Canada), players will be able to receive a Mystery Gift code from participating retailers to get one of these Legendary Pokémon.

Those in the US, Germany, Italy, and Ireland can get their code from GameStop, while those in the UK and Spain can get theirs from GAME, those in Canada and Australia from EB Games, and those in France from Micromania. Once you’ve received your code, follow the following instructions to get Lugia or Ho-Oh:

  • Start up your SunUltra SunMoon, or Ultra Moon game and select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu instead of “Continue.”
  • From the Mystery Gift menu, select “Receive Gift.”
  • Select “Get with Code/Password,” then, when asked about connecting to the internet, select “Yes” and then “Yes” again.
  • Enter the code you received from your participating retailer.
  • Your game will receive Lugia or Ho-Oh.
  • Now “Continue” your game and talk to the delivery man in the orange and blue shirt, who you can find in any Pokémon Center. He will give you your Lugia or Ho-Oh.

If you’re not a resident of the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia, you can find out which retailer to receive your Legendary Pokémon code from by going to and clicking on November Distribution. Once you have received your code from whichever retailer is providing it, refer to the instructions above to receive your Lugia or Ho-Oh.

Players playing Pokémon Sun will receive a Level 60 Lugia that knows Skill Swap, Aeroblast, Extrasensory, and Ancient Power, while those playing Ultra Sun will receive a Level 100 Lugia that is holding a Gold Bottle Cap and knows Aeroblast, Earth Power, Psychic, and Tailwind. Moon players will receive a Level 60 Ho-Oh that knows Burn Up, Sacred Fire, Extrasensory, and Ancient Power, while Ultra Moon players will receive a Level 100 Ho-Oh that is holding a Gold Bottle Cap and knows Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, Earthquake, and Tailwind.

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