How to Get Explosive Powder in Raft

Time to get explosive powder!

by Gordon Bicker


Raft is the survival game by Redbeet Interactive and players have been happily playing through the experience for a while. There is a lot to enjoy and a lot of items to learn how to craft. One such item that you may be wanting to craft a lot of is Explosive Powder for creating Net Canisters among its other uses. Similar to Minecraft, you will certainly be learning about the quickest ways to craft and gather particular items. This guide article will take you through the entire process of how to obtain Explosive Powder in Raft and what you can actually use it for.

Obtaining Explosive Powder in Raft

In order to get Explosive Powder, you can smelt/craft it with one Explosive Goo. When you smelt Explosive Goo you will get one Explosive Powder in return. If you are wondering how you can get the Explosive Goo you will need to kill a Poison Puffer. These can be found underwater around various types of islands. They are of yellow coloring and have sort of red spikes that extrude from themselves. When you eliminate the Poison Puffer, you will get one Explosive Goo but there is also a chance that it drops another at the same time.

Now that you have the Explosive Goo you can go to a smelter and smelt it. Afterward, you will get the Explosive Powder you were looking for. Further, you can also get Explosive Powder by looting things such as suitcases that may contain them. If you’re wanting to go on a bit of a treasure hunt then you can bring a Metal Detector and search for Safes that you can dig up that might also have Explosive Powder within them.

Usage of Explosive Powder in Raft

Like many other games, there are various uses for one item. The Explosive Powder in Raft is a crafting material for the Net Canister and can also be utilized with other materials again to create Fireworks. You will also need it to progress the story at one particular point.

Raft is available now for PC.

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