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How to Get Free Fire Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go

Free Fire Stone can be found on Route 8.

by William Schwartz


The Fire Stone in Pokemon Let’s Go can be used to evolve certain types of Pokemon.  Like the other evolution stones, the Fire Stone can be purchased or you can explore to find free ones.  This guide will explain how to find free Fire Stones and the location where you can purchase them.

Free Fire Stone Location

To get the free Fire Stone in Pokemon Let’s Go you’re going to want to start off at the Lavender Town Pokemon Center and then head down and to the left towards Route 8.  Once you’re on Route 8 you will be very close to the Fire Stone as its behind a fence in a grassy patch.  You will need to have the Chop Down ability to access this area.  Chop the tree down that blocks the entry to this grassy patch and once inside the area you will find the Fire Stone in the center of the grassy area.

How to Purchase Fire Stones

You can also purchase Fire Stones to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go.  Just head over to the Celadon City and make your way to the Department Store.  Once inside you will head to the fourth floor of the Department Store to Wiseman Gifts.  Here a vendor will sell you more Fire Stones as well as other evolution stones for 5000 Poke Dollars a piece.

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