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How to Get Free Ice Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go

Why waste 5000 Poke Dollars when you can get it for free?

by William Schwartz


Ice Stones are one of the Evolution Stones of Pokemon Let’s Go that allows you to evolve certain types of Pokemon.  Like the other Evolution Stones there are multiple ways to get these stones to evolve your Pokemon.  You can either seek out the free ones or you can purchase them.  Purchasing them is quite expensive so if you want to find free Ice Stones, this guide will explain where to find the free ones as well as where to purchase them.

Free Ice Stone in Pokemon Tower

The Free Ice Stone is located in Pokemon Tower right next to the Lavender Town Pokemon Center.  From the Lavender Town Pokemon Center you will want to head directly right to go to the Pokemon Tower.  Once inside Pokemon Tower you will head to the right and proceed up the stair case.  This will take you to an area that features a purple glow and ghosts.  Your goal here is to make your way to the fourth floor of the tower while avoiding the ghosts as they will take you back to the first floor.

Once you make it to the fourth floor you will see a symbol in the middle of the room.  Step into that symbol and it will say that you entered the purified and protected space, and your Pokemon were fully healed.  Just walk over the symbol to the left and then curve back around to towards the bottom left hand side of this room.  There you will find the free Ice Stone.

Purchase Ice Stones

You can also purchase Ice Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go.  To do so you will need to head to the Celadon City department store.  Once you get to the big building with two big glass doors you will want to head inside and then take the elevator up to the fourth floor Wiseman Gifts.  Here a vendor will sell you more Ice Stones for 5000 Poke Dollars for each evolution stone.

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