How to Get Iron in V Rising

Time to gather Iron in V Rising!

by Gordon Bicker


V Rising is getting an exponentially growing number of players at the moment and with all of that attention, the gaming community will certainly be seeing all of the talks about the game in no time encouraging them to delve into the experience themselves. Of course, whether you are going to be gathering resources or simply taking in the wonderful atmosphere of the world, you will need to have some excellent strategies for finding everything you need. This guide article will take you through how to get iron in V Rising.

How To Get Iron In V Rising

In order to get iron, you will have to find it from a certain location known as The Haunted Iron Mine which is in the south of the Dunley Farmlands region. It will be found directly in the center of the world map and in the region, it will be near the coast so ensuring to keep heading south within the Dunley Farmlands will be a great way to find the mines quickly. Of course, in order to reach the mines even faster, you could bring your horse with you.

When you have made it to the mines, you will be able to find/get iron through a few methods. The first of which is to find it by opening chests because these could contain iron within the mines for your character to acquire and then another way is to of course mine the iron from the rocks of the area.

It should be noted that you will need a ‘Copper Mace’ or a higher quality mace in order to actually mine the iron. Upgrading this weapon will certainly be a priority if you are looking to get iron. It’s time to make your way to the mines to get the iron!

V Rising is available now on Early Access for Steam.

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