V Rising Sawmill Explained: How to Make Planks

Time to make planks with the sawmill!

by Gordon Bicker


V Rising has been gaining immense popularity since its early access release and players have been delving into the vampire survival fuelled experience. Sink your teeth into everything that the experience has to offer and allow yourself to become intertwined with the roots of the deliciously designed world that is offered to you. Whether you’re planning to play with others in the game or simply want to survive like a lone bat, then you will need to know how to craft essential resources with the V Rising sawmill in which you will be able to create items such as planks. This guide article will take you over everything you need to know about the sawmill.

How To Make Planks In V Rising With The Sawmill

In order to create planks, you will first have to ensure that you have powered up the Castle Heart otherwise you won’t be able to utilize the Sawmill to create the planks. When you interact with the Sawmill you will observe ‘Castle Heart’ at the top which will say ‘Powered’ if it is indeed powered. To power the Castle Heart, simply walk up to it and interact with it, you can power it by placing ‘Blood Essence’ found by slaying creatures such as wolves into the heart of the castle and in no time you will see that the Sawmill will now be powered when you interact with it.

In order to create planks, you will need to place 20 Lumber into the ‘input’ section of the crafting menu and from which point you will get 1 plank and 1 sawdust as the output of the craft. For 10 planks you will need 200 pieces of Lumber and so forth. There is a lot of crafting opportunities within V Rising so gathering resources is a vital part of the gameplay loop and experience.

In order to get the Lumber, you can get it by cutting down/attacking various trees throughout the world. You will collect a lot of lumber very quickly through the game.

V Rising is available now with Early Access for Steam.

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