V Rising Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

Group up with friends and build a castle together online.

by Diego Perez


V Rising is the latest survival game to blow up on Steam, and like most other survival games, it’s best enjoyed with friends in multiplayer. V Rising places a vampiric twist on the traditional survival game formula, just like Valheim did with Vikings early last year. It also infuses Diablo-like isometric combat into the mix, making for some intense PVP sessions and PVE boss battles. If you’re trying to group up with friends in V Rising, then there are a few ways to do so. Here’s what you need to know to play with your friends online in V Rising.

How to Invite Friends in V Rising

To play multiplayer with friends in V Rising, you will need to join the same server as the people you want to play with. You can do this by creating a Private Game from the main menu and setting a password or by choosing Online Play and selecting the same server.

Creating a Private World is the best way to group up with friends if you don’t want to have other players involved. Once you make one, you can open your Steam friend list and right-click your friends’ names to invite them to the game. They can also join your session themselves by right-clicking on your name from their friend list.

How to Create a Clan

To get the most out of multiplayer in V Rising, you’ll need to create a Clan with your friends. This is essentially just the game’s version of a group or a squad, allowing everyone to build together and share resources.

To create a Clan in V Rising, press the P key and select Create Clan. Then, enter a name and a description. You will then be able to invite players to your Clan from the menu. Clans are limited to 4 members on official servers and up to 10 people on private servers. Clan members cannot hurt one another, can share all their resources, and can build a large base together.


PVE and PVP Modes Explained

There are four online game modes in V Rising, and each of them is listed below along with their rules.

  • PVE: Everything V Rising has to offer without player vs player battles or raids.
  • PVP: Just like the PVE mode but with player vs player combat enabled.
  • Full Loot PVP: This is just like the normal PVP game mode, but players can have all of their loot stolen by other players without any limits or restrictions.
  • Duo PVP: This is the standard PVP mode but is limited to teams of two people.

That’s all you need to know about multiplayer in V Rising! Once you get into a world with your friends, you can get started building a castle and establishing your vampire territory. For more help, check out our guides on blood types, making a roof, and how to fast travel. You’ll also want to learn how to make stone brick with a grinder to fortify your castle.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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