How to Get Lockpicks in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Want to know how to find lockpicks in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

by Drew Kopp
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Victims in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre start every round with one immediate objective; escape the Slaughter Family’s basement before Leatherface finds them. All doors leading out of this underground slaughterhouse are locked, so you’ll need to track down a lockpick you can use to open the way to freedom. Here’s how to find lockpicks in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

How to find Lockpicks in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Lockpicks are one of the many helpful items that Victims can pick up after they’ve untied themselves. Lockipicks can be found in small, blue toolboxes scattered throughout the claustrophobic rooms and halls of the basement. These toolboxes are always near a bright desk lamp, but they can also be seen through the walls for at least thirty seconds by players who have equipped the Tool Tracks Perk.

Investigating a toolbox allows you to play a short minigame where you hold or press the interact button (in my case, the E key) until the circle that appears is filled up. Pressing the interact button will cause a meter on the side of the progression circle to slowly fill up. Once the needle hits the top, it will make a loud noise that can lead Leatherface right to you. The gauge starts emptying as soon as you let go of the interact key, so I recommend pressing it until it’s almost complete before giving it time to wind down. Once you’ve finished the minigame, you’ll be rewarded with one lockpick.

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How to Use a Lockpick

Once you’ve gotten a lockpick, you should head towards one of the many locked doors keeping you trapped in the basement. These doors are never far from a toolbox, so you can usually get to work unlocking them as soon as you find a lockpick. To open the door, you must play another minigame that will seem very familiar to anyone who’s played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

You’ll need to use your mouse to move the lockpick into the proper position, then use the interact button to start filling the meter. The sweet spot will change once the meter is a third full, so you must move it a few times before completing the minigame. If you fail, your lockpick will break, and you’ll have to find another one.

Once you’ve finished the minigame, the basement door will open with a loud bang, so you’ll want to get away before the Famiyl can converge on the door. Lockpicks also unlock most locked doors outside the basement, so you’ll want to collect as many as possible.

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