How to Get More Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen

Here's how to get more Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get More Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen
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Lords of the Fallen can be an unforgiving game where dying can send you back to the beginning of a level. The good news is that players can create checkpoints using Vestige Seeds. Doing so can make the more difficult levels more manageable as you allow yourself to spawn further in the level. This guide will cover getting more Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen.

Where to Find Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen players can get Vestige Seeds in two ways: through rare drops from enemies or by purchasing them from Molhu. The latter is the easier and quicker way to acquire them, as Molhu has an unlimited supply. Just beware that they are pretty expensive and go for 2500 Vigor.

If you aren’t familiar with Molhu and need help finding him, we’ve got you covered. Players can easily find Molhu at Skyrest in the Umbral Realm. When at Skyrest, go into the Umbral Realm and head up the stairs on the right side of the building. Molhu is in a room by himself, with a whole shop of goodies for you to purchase.

Don’t worry about enemies attacking you in Skyrest while in the Umbral Realm, as this location is a safe haven, and no enemies can get in.

Besides selling Vestige Seeds, Molhu will also be your go-to guy when you get Remembrances from defeating the game’s main bosses. These Rememberances allow you to purchase rare gear and weapons through Umbral Scouring, an item found throughout the world of Lords of the Fallen.

Also, Molhu sells Umbral spells, meaning he is a great NPC to visit if you plan on creating a build that focuses on that school of magic!

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How to Use a Vestige Seed in Lords of the Fallen

Vestige Seeds can only be used on a flower bed found throughout the levels of the game. You’ll know when you are near a flower bed as your Umbral Lamp will start blinking, and you’ll see white flowers on the ground.

When you find a flower bed, take out your Umbral Lamp and shine it on the flower bed. Select the corresponding Vestige Seed button, and your character will place down a vestige for you, acting as a checkpoint.

Note: You can only have one Vestige Seed checkpoint activated at a time.

When Should You Use a Vestige Seed?

In the early game, Vestige Seeds aren’t the most important as the levels are more manageable, and the main checkpoints aren’t too far apart. You’ll want as many Vestige Seeds as possible when you get further into the game and reach areas such as Lower Calrath Depot and Upper Calrath Mining District.

The main checkpoints are far apart in the later levels, and you deal with many challenging enemies in between, so it’s wise to use Vestige Seeds to create your own checkpoints as often as possible.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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