How to Get Notified for Xbox Series X Restock

Learn how to find out about restocks on the Xbox Series X!

by Shaun Cichacki


Nature is healing, and next-generation systems are slowly starting to make their way back onto store shelves. You may not be able to walk into most Targets or Gamestops to buy one off of the shelf, but the Xbox Series X has been making its way onto shelves slowly, but surely.

If you’re looking to keep up on when you’ll be able to snag one, there are quite a few great ways to do so. Social Media, websites, and more are great ways to keep an eye out on these systems, and we have a few great options to show here.

The Big Boy is Returning with Xbox Series X


While the smaller Xbox Series S is popping up in public more often, you may be looking for the extra power of the Xbox Series X, plus the disc drive will allow you to play all of your previous Xbox One disc games, as well! But, if you’re looking to find one, here are your best places to check.


Following profiles that show stock updates will be your best bet, as there are accounts on this site that are dedicated to letting you know exactly when restocks will happen, such as @Jake_Randall_YT. Following these accounts will let you know when systems are coming back into stock, and where and when you can get your hands on one. Another great account to follow is @XboxSeriesXInfo


If you’re looking to do some digging of your own, you’ll be able to use websites like Brickseek to see if your local stores are currently carrying any of the newest generation systems. Sometimes, you’ll be able to spot these faster than some of the online accounts, especially if you are diligent. You’ll be able to check for Xbox Series X stock here and choose to filter by location, store type, or anything to make sure that you can secure an Xbox Series X for yourself.


Signing up for Newsletters from different sources, such as Gamestop or Best Buy can give you one of the best chances around to get your hands on the system. Especially with Gamestop, as they tend to hold systems for members of their Pro Program, allowing them early access before releasing backstock for regular consumers, if there is any left. Being able to sign up and get a system with programs like Xbox All Access, which allow you to get a system, as well as Xbox Game Pass for around $34.99 a month is a great deal, as well.


Since they have created the system itself, you’ll be able to find a large amount of new or refurbished Xbox Series X systems on their page. If you’re lucky, you’ll find them starting at $469.99, saving you a few dollars in the long run, if you don’t mind them being refurbished by human hands. You’ll also get yourself a controller, all cords, and everything you need to get yourself into the game.

And those are the best ways to keep an eye out for restocks on the Xbox Series X. As global chip shortages are coming to an end, players are getting their hands on this system easier than ever, but there are still quite a few times that players are finding it difficult to get one of these.

The Xbox Series X was released on November 10th, 2020.

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