How to Get the VSS Old Earth Hunting Rifle in Starfield

Old school cool.

by Diego Perez
Starfield Old Earth Hunting Rifle
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Starfield has plenty of futuristic weaponry like laser rifles and high-powered pistols, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. There’s a set of modern-day (at least, our modern-day) weapons in Starfield called Old Earth guns, and the VSS makes an appearance in Bethesda’s epic space RPG as the Old Earth Hunting Rifle. While it might not be as powerful as some of the weapons developed in Starfield’s spacefaring society, the VSS is still a reliable rifle that’ll help you pick off pirates from a distance.

How to Get the VSS in Starfield

Like most weapons in Starfield, the VSS can randomly appear in shops and be looted from enemies. It’ll start showing up in the world once you reach level 5 or so, so it’s an early-game gun. It’s not that expensive if you buy it from a store, so keep an eye out for “Old Earth Hunting Rifle” the next time you visit a weapon shop.

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Where to Buy the Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Speaking of stores, it won’t appear in every weapon shop. Each vendor has a preference for weapon types in their inventories, so a futuristic gun store like Centurian Arsenal might not carry the Old Earth Hunting Rifle. Your best bet is the planet of Akila, home to Akila City. It’s located in the Cheyenne system to the right of Alpha Centauri. There are two weapon stores in Akila City — Rowland Arms and Laredo Firearms — and each of them sells more rustic weapons that fit the city’s aesthetic. They almost always have a VSS in stock, usually with some mods pre-installed.

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How to Get a Free Guaranteed VSS in Starfield

There is a way to get an Old Earth Hunting Rifle for free in a guaranteed spawn location, but you’re going to have to visit a distant star system to obtain it. Plus, you’ll have to do some stealing. To get a free VSS, jump to the Poriima system way to the right of Alpha Centauri. It’s a level 30 system, but you won’t be doing any combat there so don’t worry about that.

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Once you make it there, you’ll find a mysterious ship called the ECS Constant. Heed their message and board the ship to find people equipped with a bunch of Old Earth weapons. If you head to the ship’s storage area, you’ll find a ton of Old Earth guns ripe for the taking. This includes the VSS, but you can also find Old Earth Pistols, Old Earth Assault Rifles, and Old Earth Shotguns in the armory as well.

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Some of these may come with mods pre-installed if your level (or luck) is high enough, and best of all, the guards are completely oblivious so stealing is a breeze. Don’t worry, stealing a weapon or two won’t affect the ECS Constant questline as long as you don’t get caught.

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If you’re looking for some ammo for your newfound VSS, head down to the Poriima II planet that the ship is orbiting to visit Paradiso. There’s a ton of fun to be had at Paradiso, but you can just visit the planet’s stores if you’re in a rush.

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