How to Get Treasure Above First Elden Lord – Golden Order Principia

This item is great for magic users.

by AOTF Staff

Upon defeating the First Elden Lord in Elden Ring you come to an area above the area which you were fighting the boss.  There is an item in a chair hanging from the ceiling and for magic users this item is a must have if you want to learn all of the incantations that are available.  This item is called the Golden Order Principia and you can give to a cleric to learn new incantations so in this guide we’ll explain how you can quickly and easily get this item.

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How to Get Golden Order Principia

While you might just want to forge ahead, as you come to the area in the image above where you see the chair hanging from the ceiling you’re going to want to head out of the door due north, but instead of following the path you’re going to want to hook and immediate left.  From here you’ll drop down on the rooftop and then head up to the windows of the building and hop in.  You’ll find tree branch that was blocking your way in the other room now available to climb.  Walk up the branch towards the item and once you get close you can simply grab it and it’s yours for the taking.

The item is the Golden Order Principia and it can be given to Cleric to learn new Incantations.  At this stage in the game, it’s an important magic book to have so you might as well take a moment to track it down.

In this same area you will find the Erdtree Bow in a treasure chest in the other direction.  This path also opens up a path to get back to the First Elden Lord boss chamber which will allow you to navigate Leyndell a little easier.

That’s everything you need to know about getting this slightly hidden item in Elden Ring.  If you haven’t learned by now, taking a moment to explore the areas immediately around these out of reach items usually reveals some path to get them.  If you’re looking for more guides for the game, check out Elden Ring Guides hub on AOTF.  

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2022