How to Improve Your Segment Score in Forza Motorsport

Improving your Segment Score is vital to upgrading your car in Forza Motorsport!

by J.R. Waugh
Forza Motorsport Segment Score
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While racing around the tracks of Forza Motorsport, you might find yourself being graded as you go. The game constantly evaluates your performance in key parts of each track on a scale of 1-10, and these scores can affect how quickly you can level up the car you’re driving. The Segment Score thus becomes one of the most important metrics as you hit the circuits, and doing better will let you add more upgrades to your car. Here’s how to improve your Segment Score in Forza Motorsport!

How to Improve Track Segment Score in Forza Motorsport

Complete segments while driving quickly, decelerating and turning when needed, and stay on the racing line as much as possible to improve your Segment Score in Forza Motorsport. Accelerate when it’s blue, decelerate when it’s yellow, and try to carefully apply brakes if it is red for those tight corners.

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FM8 will penalize your Segment Score for incidents like collisions with other cars, and going off-track or pulling illegal passes. These will typically net you a 1.0 score, which is the last thing you want. Consider using the Club or Sport Rules in the difficulty settings so you can use Rewind to perfect your cornering. After all, powering through and holding down on the RT button will most likely send you spinning out off the track.

How to Get a Perfect 10 Segment Score in FM8

Similar to improving your track Segment Score, stay strictly on the racing line, put your foot on the gas when it’s blue, take it off when it’s yellow, and brake when it’s red. When cornering, let go of the gas and when you’re hitting the apex of the turn before going straight, punch it. Careful braking is key, and you should carefully press the LT button instead of slamming on it if you can avoid it.

If you’re not reaching the scores you want, check your car’s tuning, and make sure you’re balancing in some Handling and Braking with your Speed and Acceleration. It will take repetition, and you’ll want to use practice mode before starting a track as much as possible, but the good thing is that the game evaluates your Segment Score even in that mode. Don’t be discouraged either, as the game gives an achievement for reaching a 9 as well as the coveted 10!

- This article was updated on October 10th, 2023

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